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Lillian Liu

Lillian has been a New Zealand registered acupuncturist since 2015. She is specialises in acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. She often uses combined treatment remedies which includes needling, guasha, sliding cup, cupping and bloodletting to help improve qi and blood circulation in different areas. She likes to spent time communicating with clients to make a better plan and provide advice depending on the client's conditions. Lillian can communicate with clients in English and Mandarin.

Lillian是一位新西兰注册针灸师始于2015年。 她的专长是急慢性疼痛。她通过使用针灸,刮痧,走罐,拔罐以及放血疗法促进身体各部位气血循环。她 喜欢与病人沟通,根据病人的不同情况制定诊疗计划以及提供建议。她能用英文和普通话与客户交流

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