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Henry Leung

Henry has over 23 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy and acupuncture. He has double degrees in Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine and continued to build up his professional capacity with post graduate qualifications in acupuncture. From his treatment of both in and out patients in Hong Kong hospitals, he has developed specialty in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions including those from post operations and sports injuries. He combines all his skills to deliver treatment methods that include manual therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy and structure exercise to help you recover quickly. He speaks fluent English, Cantonese & Mandarin. He is a keen sports player and has actively participated in tennis and running for years.

梁医师拥有超过23年的临床经验。他拥有物理治疗和中医全科双学位,并进一步深造针灸治疗学。于香港政府医院管理局公立医院及私人执业为物理治疗师期间,他主治术后康复、肌肉骨骼及关节毛病如颈腰背痛,运动创伤等物理治疗。他常运用手法治疗、电疗、针刺疗法和运动康复法,以达到加速复原为目标。 梁医师能用英语、粤语和中文普通话与客户沟通。喜欢打网球和长跑。

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